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    My Favourite Meal

    This month (March 2017) we celebrate food, glorious food! So, in our main stories you will find a lot of really useful information on the best places to eat on the island – and there are A LOT! This is good news for you but perhaps not quite so good news for those who have invested in restaurants […]
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    Exploring the Island

    Welcome to Bali in this wonderful New Year! It’s easy to arrive and have a look around the hotel or villa, and say “yes, this will do fine!” and...
  • bali-festive-season-rain

    The Festive Season

    Welcome to Bali in what could be a glorious sunny month leading to Christmas and New Year, or it may be a dismal rainy month for which I am very sorry...
  • soapbox


    Sadly there has been another death in a rafting accident on the island which turned a holiday full of joy into a nightmare for the family and friends ...
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    Bali’s Secret Places

    When I first came to Bali back in 1979, “Real Bali” stretched from North to South and East to West. Poppies Lane in Kuta was a sandy path leading ...