• Nusa Lembongan Islands off of Bali 2

    The Magic of the Beach: What Does The Beach Mean to You?

    There is so much magic associated with beaches. Almost everything in life is able to be dramatised and magnified by those magnificent links between land and sea. Our childhood memories are full of sandcastles and playing in the waves with our parents, the picnics and the beach games, the kites and the buckets and spades. […]
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    Bali’s Places of Worship

    This message is in relation to NOW! Bali’s May 2018 issue, called “Ten Temple Tales”. It is a continuation of our efforts to remind...
  • Wellness in Bali

    The Benefits of Being Well

    Welcome to Bali, not only a place of spiritual tranquility but one of the world’s great “wellness” destinations. Yes, I know this word “wellne...