• THEME Intro

    Balinese Art and Where to Find It

    Bali is known to be a centre of art but when you go looking for its heart, it’s hard to find. That’s why we are taking you on an artistic journey in our June 2017 issue! People like art, they go to galleries and museums, to exhibitions and shows, and they like to feel they […]
  • Personal Perspective

    Is Bali Good for Kids? Yes!

    Our publisher, Alistair Speirs, has lived a long time in Indonesia. With his family growing up in the country he shares his knowledge on what Bali has...
  • Alistair-2

    My Favourite Meal

    This month (March 2017) we celebrate food, glorious food! So, in our main stories you will find a lot of really useful information on the best plac...
  • bali-mount-batur-summit

    Exploring the Island

    Welcome to Bali in this wonderful New Year! It’s easy to arrive and have a look around the hotel or villa, and say “yes, this will do fine!” and...