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    The Forces of Nature are in Control in Bali

    It is so wonderful to be in Bali in the sunshine when there is a balmy breeze blowing and the waves are breaking gently on the shore (but strong enough to surf on of course!). But hold on, not every day is like that and – guess what – nature is still completely out of […]
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    Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

    It’s a funny thing that we human beings need to have sporting pastimes to both keep fit and to release our stress from everyday life. We were origin...
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    Music, The Food of Love

    Famous British playwright Shakespeare started it all with his memorable lines from Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on”. And it ...
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    On The Beach in Bali

    I tell you, as a young boy (not being sexist, I only have this experience!) there is nothing like the thrill of going to the beach. From the moment yo...