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Do you have a party, a big event, red carpet, or special date coming up? Or perhaps you want to look great for your holiday? Sometimes when we are meeting with a special event – maybe even destiny? We want to look extra good.

Even Madonna that icon of most everything uses a special treatment that I was in a hurry to try. Popping down to Ultimo health Spa on the what I like to call the J”akarta Corner” on Sunset, Ultimo is there, wedged in next to Starbucks, the Golden arches, Dim Sum Inc. and several other little Jakarta style eateries.

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I was going in to try their Madonna Facelift. Nobody knew a thing, but it sounded cute. Named after Madonna, as she is, or was a big fan, this little twenty minute treatment involves icy oxygen and a serum (you can choose between oily, dry or weathered skin types). Lying down comfortably, for twenty minutes, under a cover, the therapist Desi, made myriad movements across my face and neck with the high pressure oxygen as the serum was forced deep into the skin.

It was incredibly relaxing and unendingly pleasant I have to say and I was expecting to rise from the dead, looking fabulous. They promise extra radiance, lifting and firming and dry skin will become moist, so I was keen to see the results.

After the treatment, I had an entertaining chat with the luscious Doctor Zora in her brightly lit room. We talked about skin and all its ramifications and what she needed to have done to her already flawless face. And then I took a look in her mirror expecting to be fabulous!

Well fabulous doesn’t always come straight away! Even though it is branded as “no down time” all these treatments, even the simplest, actually DO have some downtime. I put on my hat and dark glasses and slunk out of the spa. In fact I was tired, which never helps the complexion, but by the next morning, my skin was plumped up and actually was looking fabulous. Even though, it is not a real facelift, it does give you a boost for a week or two and really, for a big event, I cant think of anything better. Fuss free, easy and painless, it is worth the admission fee. If it is good enough for Madonna, after all.

Ultimo have a wealth of great treatments including medical ones as well, all designed to keep their clients looking better than their best. This Jakarta company has their branch office in Kuta and it is worth dropping by, at the very least, to perk up with a Madonna facial. Oh and they also do cosmetic dentistry.

Ultimo Clinic Sunset Star Shopping Arcade
A : Jl. Dewi Sri, Sunset Road Kuta – Bali
T : +62 (361) 894 7523
E : info@ultimoclinic.com

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