Sharing a Meal, the Balinese Way

Dining | Written By, Life on the Island | April 5th, 2016

Traditionally made for family gatherings, meetings, and functions, the Balinese Megibung is a delectable feast served on one big banana leaf. People will then circle around the food and eat with their bare hands as a symbol of togetherness. Honouring this tradition, Republik 45 has adapted the island’s culinary heritage to its menu.

DS - Republik 45 Megibung Menu

The restaurant’s Megibung sharing style menu is a delectable serving of Bali’s traditional dishes that include Sate Lilit Tuna (grilled minced tuna with holy basil and sambal), Ayam Pelalah (shredded chicken with Balinese herbs and spices served on melinjo crackers) as well as the rich flavours from the rest of the Indonesian archipelago such as the Sumatra’s famous Rendang Sapi (slow cooked succulent beef tenderloin with a distinctive, rich chilli and coconut emulsion), Lombok’s Ayam Bakar Taliwang (grilled free-range chicken with a rich spicy sambal), and many more.

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