Nusa Cana: Indonesian Rum in the Spotlight

Dining | Written By, Life on the Island | November 20th, 2016

Nusa Cana revives the forgotten memories of the legendary Indonesian rum. Famous for its sugarcane plantations, Nusa Cana rum has a distinct and smooth flavour, which is slowly gaining popularity. To create it, Javanese sugar cane molasses are fermented with pure, forest-filtered water and red rice cake. This liquid is distilled in traditional Chinese pot stills then matured in Javanese teak casks and finally blended to produce the modern taste. Nusa Cana is meant to be enjoyed with friends. Choose your flavour; star anise and a lemon twist, lime and ginger beer or simply on the rocks. Indulge in any one of these and enjoy the soothing yet vibrant zest of this ancient and world-famous Indonesian rum.


The soul of this brand is inspired by the heartbeat of Bali. The Nusa Cana brand captures a mix of playful and vibrant moods, like the island’s attitude itself. The bottling is very attractive depicting Balinese colours, cultural symbols blended with a fresh and modern look. The deep blue colour palettes drawn from traditional batik linen which is then blended with a street art style that is present in Bali – each element tells its own story.

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