Little Campers: Pitch Up Your Tent in Bedugul

Indulge | Written By, Kartika D. Suardana | July 8th, 2017

Kids seem to have heaps of energy, they don’t know yet about the luxury of doing nothing. When holiday seasons is just round the corner, parents should be armed with a great list of activities to make the little champs stay active and entertained. Why not let nature do the works? Camping might be the answer.


camping can be a fun option to spend time with family. Taking kids on a camping trip is about providing them a bunch of interesting experience in nature. They can learn many great lessons by being in nature, starting from installing a tent, collecting dry woods for bonfire, learning about the vegetation surrounding the camping grounds and others marvellous things nature has to offer.

The Silas

Take a break from Bali’s most mainstream holiday routines. There are several wonderful sites where you can build your tent. In Candi Kuning Village or famously known as Bedugul there are several camping grounds. The Sila’s is agro tourism with a camping ground overlooking the beautiful green view of the hill area. Tents are available for rent and it comes with comfortable sponge mattresses, fresh pillows and sleeping bags. When the night falls, their kind staff will readily help the guests to build a bonfire. Remember to look at the beautiful night sky while enjoying s’mores.

Camping By The Lake Batur

Further north, Lake Buyan is another favourite camping site in the island. Parents can take kids for a short trekking around the lake before preparing the tent. While waiting for the mesmerising sunset by the lake, kids can try their luck fishing from the wooden jetty.

Feel like introducing the little ones to the mountain and lake ecosystems in one go, Toya Bungkah is the perfect site to camp out. This little village is sandwiched between Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Situated on the foot of Bali’s active volcano, Toya Bungkah not only offers a great view, but several activities the kids can part take in. There are several camping grounds in the area, the public one is situated amidst the thick foliage of the forest at the foot of the mountain. The more convenient one, in terms of sanitary facilities, is Toya De Vasya. Their camping ground is situated at a resort compound and is perfectly nestled by the lake. Clean toilet and shower, available too is a hot spring pool.

Toya Bungkah

Of course it is far easier to visit places and stay in hotels where things a bit more manageable, and everything is convenient and comfortable. But camping can foster a humbleness in kids and teaches them to appreciate the small things. Introduce them to this beautiful planet and let them experience nature so the love towards it will grow. Embracing a morning amidst the green, breathing fresh air, and feel the cold dews on the tip of the grass are luxury in its most wonderful form. Get the kids connected with this fruitful earth, thus helping a new generation contribute in protecting the planet.

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