• Spa2

    Men’s Facial Treatments at Padma’s The Spa

    We have certainly evolved from the days when “spas” and “men” wouldn’t go well in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence. Today’s hectic lifestyle coupled with the harsh ageing effects of frequent shaving, pollution and constant travel, takes its toll on a man’s skin. In addition, achy, knotted muscles can be a recurring […]


  • Byrdhouse_hires

    Sanur’s Sexier Side

    Sanur is no longer a ‘snore’. The Sanur neighborhood’s growing nightlife scene has now attracted the younger crowd as well, creating a more dive...


  • Theme - Charity Profile - Solemen (2)

    Holiday Shopping for a Cause

    The end of the year is a time of celebration and a chance to renew our hearts with peaceful intentions and goodwill towards everyone. With festivities...