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Art lends beauty to life. It is the vent for endless imagination, creativity, aspirations and interpretation; all transforming into a beautiful form. Being artistic is inherent, but indulging in art activities depends on your willingness and interest level. Arts activities can be an outlet for the mundane day-to-day tasks. The perfect stress-relieving activity to flush out all negativity. You can choose which art form you would like to practice among loads of options, which are all equally beautiful and satisfying. Art classes provide the perfect pathway to learn something new in a structured, dedicated and channelized format. The experienced teachers or instructors will identify your weak and strong points, while at the same time will help you learn the art form in a faster and effective manner.

dance class

Popular all over the world for its elegance and colourful nature, Balinese dance form is now on the wish list of a lot of people. The integration of body movements, hand and facial gestures is what makes Balinese dance so appealing to watch. The instructors will normally explain the meanings behind the individual postures and gestures that comprise the basics of Balinese dance. It is a wonderful way to expand the knowledge of the culture while at the same time having fun.

Dance Class with Balinese Maestro Arini

In Denpasar, Sanggar Warini revives the classical Legong Dance. Established in 1973 by a Balinese Dance Maestro, Ni Ketut Arini, this dance studio is dedicated to the inheritance, preservation and development of Balinese dance. Ibu Arini is the master of six Legong Dance types: Legong Pelayon, Lasem, Kuntul, Kuntir, Jobog and Semarandhana. Legong Dance is one of Bali’s most refined dances, and it requires female figures who are familiar with intricately choreographed movements, manipulating bodies, fingers and faces. Besides the Legong Dance, she also teaches and choreographs other Balinese creation dances. Her dance class is well-known both in the local community and internationally.

Sanggar Tari Warini
A : Jalan Kecubung, Sumerta Kaja, East Denpasar (view on maps)
T : +62 361 228664

gamelan class

Guided by senior performers or artists, gamelan class involves the artistic concept of music with focus on helping students to understand more about the historical background of a culture. The values of harmony, interdependence, and balance is brought forth through music and dance to support the students learning this art with close coordination.

Theme - WTD - Art Classes - Gamelan (2)

In Ubud, Sanggar Çudamani is hosting the Çudamani Summer Institute with one of the programmes being Balinese gamelan lessons. This class is led by a team of Bali’s most revered masters/scholars and the young rising stars of Balinese performance. These artists have toured, taught, composed & performed for Bali’s most prestigious events and for some of the world’s most prestigious stages. You will also get the chance to experience an amazing excursion into Balinese culture and ecology. It is an unparalleled opportunity to gain artistic, cultural and personal insight in Bali.

Sanggar Çudamani
A : Jalan Raya Pengosekan 2013, Mas, Ubud, Gianyar (view on maps)

silver making class

Jewellery making classes helps you to develop the skills to create professional soldered rings, pendants, and cut out charms in sterling silver. This class enables you to use the jewellers saw, soldering equipment, cut metal, file and sand the pieces of silver, creating a professional and smooth finish to the silver jewellery that you are trying to create. Normally, you will be given step-by-step guidance, focusing on providing sufficient knowledge for the polishing techniques and texturing of the silver into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Theme - WTD - Art Classes - silver making (1)

In Sanur, Sanur Jewellery Studio invites you to make a unique piece of sterling silver jewellery you have always wanted to own and learn all about the processes from the very raw silver through to the finished product. Offering full and half-day workshops in all levels of silver-smiting, you are about to learn the process using traditional Balinese tools, with a slant on modern design and techniques. The studio is housed in a stunning banana plantation, hidden inside a high ceiling space with air-conditioning, a perfect gateway for couples who want to make wedding rings or anyone who wants to explore creativity in private.

Sanur Jewellery Studio
A : Jalan Kanda15B, Sanur, South Denpasar (view on maps)
T : +62 821 44001535
W : www.sanurjewellerystudio.com

painting class

“This world is a Canvas to our Imagination”. The main focus of a painting class is to visualise things from one perspective and translate it into an art form on a piece of canvas. In addition to enabling the artistic expressions on the canvas, these art classes are also focused on learning the practical painting techniques. Students are free to paint whatever they desire, such as landscapes, portraits, still life, figure drawings, printmaking and much more. Normally, they use charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oil and watercolours. Getting a grasp of the colour theory and designing with a good understanding of the theoretical and practical knowledge of painting will help students to make reasonable colour choices in their art works. The teacher will also share their advanced painting tips, such as taking care of painting brushes, choosing the right mix of colours, proper cleaning of the palette to help the students excel in their painting work.

Theme - WTD - Art Classes - Painting (4)

Five Art Studio in Ubud is one of many painting classes focusing on the traditional Keliki painting style. Offering all painting techniques, including acrylic and oil painting, this studio is dedicated to preserving the traditional art as the main attraction of Bali, especially the arts from the village of Keliki.

Five Art Studio
A : Jalan Raya Keliki, Kelusa, Tegallalang, Gianyar (view on maps)
T : +62 878 61984083
W : www.fiveartubud.com

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