‘Jamu’ Ice Cream? Gelato Secrest Takes on Indonesia’s Ancient Remedy

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DS - Ancient Indonesian Remedy Meets Modern Innovation]_Kecil
Gelato Secrets, Bali’s leading producer of all-natural artisanal Italian gelato and sorbetto, introduces its “Jamu Collection”, Indonesia’s first jamu sorbetto, featuring three age-old Indonesian herbal remedies—Beras Kencur, Kunyit Asam and Wedang Jahe—derived from secret recipes handed down through generations.

Jamu is the ancient Indonesian tradition of medicinal healing and holistic therapy, a multicentury old practice using natural herbs and spices to treat ailments and preserve the natural balance of the human body for optimum health and wellbeing. By combining the  natural medicines of Indonesia’s past with modern innovation and technology, Gelato Secrets revives this mystical cultural wisdom and botanical heritage in the form of carefully crafted, authentically Indonesian jamu sorbetto recipes essential for inner and outer health and beauty.


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