Indoor Excitement at Hide N’ Seek

Indulge | Written By, Kartika D. Suardana | February 17th, 2016

Toddlers, pre-schoolers, young children, they are all bundles of energy, with excited emotions and an endless imagination. During a holiday it’s of no surprise if your children get bored all of a sudden. However, some outdoor activities, where they can run free, swim, play in the sun or on the beach, are always good remedies for boredom. It also helps to get them to sleep when bedtime comes around!

Indoor Excitement at Hide N’ Seek

However, when the rain is pouring, or the heat it simply too hot, an indoor playground is another great alternative. Hide n’ Seek indoor playground on Sunset Road is a somewhere the kids can be active and have fun, while parents can sit back and take it easy. Situated on the second floor of a Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Hana, Hide n’ Seek has been designed to provide for safe and carefree enjoyment for the children. A special fence is made at the reception so kids are always within the supervised and the floors are covered with rubber and so are soft and comfortable; the place makes sure that parents’ minds are always at ease.

The main attraction is the play-tower which is made up of 3 tall slides, a spiral slide that crashes into a ball pool, wall climbing, a trampoline, spiders web climbing nets, a hanging bridge, tunnels and more. It’s a child’s very own fantasy land! In the main area, suitable for kids from 3 years old (under parent supervision), there are music cubicles complete with various musical instruments, and a medium size inflatable bouncing space. On the top of the play structure is a space where kids can play house as well.

Indoor Excitement at Hide N’ Seek

Still on the same floor is a fabulous dance room with a large TV screen playing children’s musical programs non-stop – complete with disco lights to get the kids jumping to the beats! Next to the dancing room is a cafeteria where kids can dine or parents can also chill out whilst they are waiting for their kids. Parents can also wait while enjoying the Japanese cuisine at Sushi. Meanwhile on the upper level, there is a Toddler Zone for the younger children.

Hide n Seek opens daily from 9.30 – 21.00. To play at the playground kids must wear socks and a paper bracelet is provided upon payment to mark the kids in the playground. An adult should accompany a toddler to maximize safety. Playgrounds are a great place for kids to explore freely, to develop physical strength, coordination and balance, to learn to take turns as well as learning to share and collaborate with other children. So…no more waiting! Take the kids to the playground and let them evolve!

Sushi Hana and Hide N Seek Restaurant
Jalan Sunset Road No.239, Kuta
P: (+62-361) 849 6501

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