Hunting for Treasure on Nusa Dua Beach

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One of the many games children like when they’re young is playing pirates!

Perhaps inspired by the old classics of Treasure Island, or maybe even the more modern take of Pirates of the Caribbean, all children seem to enjoy the adventures of the “sea dogs”! Well, at The Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua, imagination becomes a reality with this special treasure hunting activity on the beach.

The Pirates Bay Nusa Dua Bali

On a quiet section of Nusa Dua Beach, within the dining and entertainment complex of The Bay, peculiar structures hang high in the trees. These are the tree-houses of The Pirates Bay, a beachfront playground of adventure. Decorated with a huge pirate ship, winding treehouse structures, paddles boats and more, it is here children can really feel like a pirate for a day.

One activity in particular is popular for children aged 4-12 years – the treasure hunt! Dressed in pirate gear, donning a bandana and treasure pocket, the kids are put on a special mission to find the buried treasure of the Great Pirate Captain, hidden somewhere around Nusa Beach!

The Pirates Bay Nusa Dua Bali

The Pirates Bay Nusa Dua Bali

Kids are presented with puzzles and challenges, clues are hidden in images and symbols, its up to them to figure these out to get to their final goal, the Chest of Chocolate Coins (or gift of your choosing).

Made for children 4-12 years old, a Pirate Guide is there to help and supervise the children throughout the 1-1.5hour long session. The activity includes a welcome drink, snacks, pirate bandana and treasure pocket and a children’s meal. The Treasure Hunt must be booked in advance for either the 11am session or the 3pm session. A minimum of 2 children are required per session.

The Pirates Bay Nusa Dua Bali

Parents, whist your children are off exploring and hunting for treasure, you can simply lie back in the sun on Nusa Dua Beach, explore the other offerings of The Bay or enjoy a meal at The Pirates Bay as well, high in the treehouse!

The Pirates Bay, at The Bay Bali
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