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Behind the glitz and glamour of Bali’s south, there is a myriad of orphanages that house many underprivileged children. And it’s not a secret that poverty has been shown to negatively influence a child’s health and development in a number of ways. We recently caught up with Mr. Komang from Bali Kids, a non-profit organization that strives to provide these disadvantaged children with better healthcare and education.
When and how was Bali Kids founded?
The Bali Kids, locally known as Yayasan Anak Anak Bali, was founded in 2005 by Brenton Whittaker after he visited a number of orphanages on the island. One day he visited an orphanage in Singaraja and met a 6 year-old orphan who was found extremely ill. The orphanage had no money for medical treatment and insufficient staff to give the boy any special care. With financial support from overseas sponsors the boy was taken from hospital to hospital seeking treatment but to no avail. The hospitals were overcrowded and unable to accept any more patients. Finally a private hospital was located for treatment but could not provide a bed. A foster family was sourced near the hospital and took care of the boy for 3 months until he was able to recover and returned to his original orphanage. There is no question the boy would have died had he not been found. His infections were acute and he was extremely traumatized.

What are the goals of the foundation?

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The foundation aims to serve as many as orphanages in Bali do, by giving underprivileged children access to proper healthcare. Our Bali Kids Center provides a clean, safe environment for orphans requiring special care. The centre is open to any children registered in Bali’s orphanages who need medical attention. Children from the local village projects, whose family hold a ‘poor family card’, can also receive free treatment and care. Children needing to be hospitalized are provided with pre and postoperative care at the centre. Short and long term accommodation is available.

Bali Kids aims to become an advanced program in Bali assisting poor children to access quality medical treatment and health education.

How does Bali Kids achieve its goals?

First of all, our team educates the directors and staff of orphanages in preventative measures regarding hygiene, health, diet, HIV/sexually transmitted diseases, child protection and abuse, bullying, and environment through our current education programs. This is supported by illustrated books which are given to the staff and children following an informative lecture by our team. Due the preventative work carried out our cases of scabies, other infectious conditions and health problems have greatly declined and general health has improved. Our medical team has forged a strong relationship with the orphanages and the children are more forthcoming with personal health issues.

We also provide a mobile medical service that operates 4 or 5 days per week and travels throughout Bali on a roster system. On average approximately 600 children are treated each month.

Do you have other programs offered for the children?
Actually we also have what we call the “Outreach Program”, where we assist children from underprivileged families who still live with their parents. Aside from the health sector, we help these kids by sending them to schools to enjoy proper education. We provide scholarships for children with outstanding achievements in their formal education.

How you Can Help
To ensure the continuation and growth of the project your monetary and material donations are greatly appreciated. Prior to sending a donation please request a reference number from Bali Kids to enable them to track funding. Your donation will help all orphans in Bali to enjoy a standard of living we all have a right to expect and help them realize life’s full potential.

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