Exploring Indonesia Through Cocktails

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Located in the tropical region, Indonesia enjoys an abundance rain and sunshine most of the time, which are important elements for agriculture. An archipelago of more than 18,000 islands, the country is rich in biodiversity, its native produce and unique ingredients elude most of the world including Sumatran andaliman pepper, Balinese jack fruit, Toraja coffee and Javanese palm sugar among others. Indulge in this richness at Mandapa’s “Jelajah Indonesia” cocktail experience, where you can enjoy hand-crafted cocktails that are concocted using local and exot-ic ingredients from distinctive Indonesian islands, from the westernmost Sumatra Island to the easternmost Papua Island. From sweet, fruity, or with a little bit of a spicy kick, the flavour pal-ette will vary from one cocktail to the other, depending on the core ingredient used. The re-sort’s staff will be delighted to help you familiarise yourself with these ingredients. “Jelajah In-donesia” is available daily at the resort’s The Library.

The Library at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve
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