Everyday is Sunday at Sundays Beach Club, Bali

Dining | Written By, Namhar Hernanto | April 8th, 2017

Bali is almost always blessed with great weather, and it turns out that going to a beach club on a Sunday is perhaps one of the most popular activities on the island – you know, to gather up strength before facing Monday. But why wait for the weekend to put your feet up at a beach club when everyday is Sunday here?

Sundays Beach Club

Blue views down to Sundays Beach Club

With its burgeoning popularity, Sundays Beach Club has become the go-to destination for beach aficionados and sun worshippers, wanting fun and a hit of vitamin sea, as well as sumptuous food and refreshing cocktails. That’s right, for a hot oceanfront dining, Sundays is a cool place to be; sleek loungers and a sprawling deck leading down to the beach means you can do a lot more than just eating, for there’s also plenty of space to play.

Despite its rather remote location, diners and lovers of the tropical life alike still flock to Sundays Beach Club. The reason is quite obvious; as a dining venue, patrons can sink their toes in the sand while sipping their chilled, tropical cocktail to beat the heat of Bali’s sun. It’s a sexy spot during daytime; come dinnertime, evening romance takes over.

snapper-seafood-food-at-sundays-beach-clubThe Jimbaran caught snapper, cooked the traditional way

But what’s currently buzzing about Sundays is its food; and how the ever-active, passionate kitchen team of the beachfront establishment constantly innovates new items to tease the growing number of satisfied patrons. The food at Sundays has become a passion, an obsession even.

Now that the acclaimed Australian Chef Ryan Kovac has taken the lead at the kitchen, Sundays brings a fresh approach to what the venue is famous for with a brand new menu. It seems that Chef Ryan fully understands that Bali is full of phenomenal restaurants for dinner. With his new menu, he’s sharing a similar appreciation for lunch, making Sundays an establishment that doesn’t just serve lunch as an afterthought or as a trial-run to dinner service. No, the current Sundays gives lunch its deserved spot in the sun.

cocktails at sundays beach club

Cool down with a tasty sip of My Sundays

From the new menu, you can indulge in the Chef Ryan’s “Chilled Salad and Poke Bowls”. The Tuna Poke (raw local tuna, white soy mayo, avocado, crispy season seaweed, brown rice), and Mochiko Fried Chicken Poke (with chilled rice noodle, lightly pickled ginger, and sesame paste) make for a great beach lunch as you eat them with chopsticks and that they’re served in bowls that fit just perfectly in your hands – you don’t have to leave your sun chairs. The menu’s “Burger Bar”, “Small Snax”, and “Hands Only” are also great for daytime munching.

Mochiko Fried Chicken Poke food at sundays beach

Mochiko Fried Chicken Poké, wouldn’t mind giving that a poke

Alternatively, from the “Charcoal Grill”, something Chef Ryan is very good at, you can choose the Jimbaran Caught Snapper (BBQ whole in the traditional manner and served with the Balinese spicy Sambal Matah). And when the weather gets hotter, the refreshing My Sundays (raspberry vodka, passion fruit, raspberry, apple, orange juice) is the perfect antidote to beat the heat. Early risers, too, can now start the day with Sundays’ refreshing new beach breakfast menu that features kick start breaky bowls, chilled poke bowls, breakfast buns and breakfast pizzas.


The classic margherita pizza, done right

Anyway, making it a perfect urban escape, Sundays offers more than just food. Nestled on the stunning stretch of white sandy beach on the Bukit Peninsula, you can explore the crystal-clear lagoon and scattered rock pools in a kayak or stand up paddle board along the reef. Or you can just simply relax to the cool tunes played in the background, and enjoy the friendly Balinese service.

Sundays Beach Club
A : Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan
T : +62 811 942 1110
W : www.sundaysbeachclub.com

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