What Bali Needs : The Stool and Chair Theory of Survival

Soapbox | Dec 30, 2020

I have been using this very simple theory of business stability for many years to explain why I created four different aspects to my own business, but as we look at the serious challenges that Bali faces in its recovery from the pandemic, I thought “maybe we should apply the same concept to Bali?” The […]

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An Interview with Vice Governor Cok Ace on Bali’s Tourist Recovery

Soapbox | Dec 02, 2020

Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, M.Si. commonly called Cok Ace (CA) is the Vice Governor of Bali. He has served alongside incumbent Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, since 5 September 2018.  Cok Ace has served as Regency of Gianyar Regency (2008-2013) as well as in many tourism capacities , including the Hotel and Restaurant Association ( […]

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The Decline and Replacement of Tourism in Bali

Soapbox | Oct 02, 2020

The Covid crisis has hit Bali hard and exposed something we knew to be a real possibility, an economy too dependent on a single sector. Bali’s economy was, and still is, 80-85% dependent directly or indirectly on tourism. Farmers, drivers and local shops are still dependent on tourists coming and eating, hiring buses and taxis […]

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What is the Purpose of Art?

Soapbox | Aug 06, 2020

Jimmy Knowles, a friend of mine in Connecticut, is a sculptor and many years ago I watched in fascination as he used a crane to get a huge tree trunk into position then attacked it with a buzz–saw. “Are you serious?”I asked, “what are you doing?’” “Creating, my boy, creating!’ he said. He hacked a […]

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A Question of Identity

Soapbox | Jul 04, 2020

Who do you identify with? So many people feel close to celebrities who somehow reinforce their feelings of who they are. This often happens with singers whose lyrics resonate with the challenges and transitions in people’s lives. They know every word on their albums and you can see them singing along at concerts . Others […]

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Has Bali Painted Itself into a Corner?

Soapbox | Jun 06, 2020

Have you ever seen that great cartoon of the man proudly doing his own home decoration, setting himself high standards of quality and finish , carefully preparing his work tools and his schedule then finally starting on the “ piece de resistance” a magnificent wooden floor he has sanded and buffed, and now is varnishing… […]

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What Makes the Perfect Bali Holiday?

Soapbox | May 09, 2020

There isn’t much talk about holidays going on at the moment as the entire world – well quite a lot of it – is actually stuck indoors, locked down or social distancing or whatever the local discipline is called.  But maybe many of those people are already beginning to get the urge, possibly stronger, a […]

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Promoting Bali, The Right Way

Soapbox | Apr 29, 2020

Having shared his thoughts on preparing Bali for when travel re-opens again in his last article, “After Covid-19: What Next?“, Alistair Speirs shares another idea. With Bali empty right now, it gives the island an opportunity to reinvent itself when it welcomes visitors again. Now is the time to say, “Hey, who do we want […]

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Setelah COVID-19 di Bali, Apa yang Harus Kita Lakukan?

Soapbox | Apr 23, 2020

Semua krisis pasti berakhir. Biasanya, krisis yang terjadi malah menimbulkan krisis lainnya karena kemampuan kita untuk kembali pulih hampir sama dengan kemampuan kita untuk merencanakan, ujar Alistair Speirs, yang telah melalui berbagai krisis di Indonesia: mulai dari kerusuhan hingga gempa bumi, hingga resesi finansial dan tsunami. Seandainya kita mau jujur untuk membandingkan durasi dan program […]

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After Covid-19 : What Next?

Soapbox | Apr 14, 2020

Some background and some ideas from Alistair Speirs OBE, Managing Director of Phoenix Communications, who has spent many years in Post-crisis action and wants to make sure we do better this time around.  The crisis will end. They all do. And usually precipitate another because our ability to recover is pretty much equal to our […]

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