Balinese Megibung Meals launched at Paon Bali Resto

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Urchin Grill & Raw Lamb Rack

Urchin Grill & Raw Lamb Rack

Fun vibe with good food, Urchin is adding a new treat for the meat lovers on their main course. Heavily influenced by the sea with an excellent selection of the freshest raw seafood, Chef Gede Prandika is putting a lot of effort into creating Lamb Rack. This chef’s newest creation is brimming with surprises and delights, mixing up Rosemarry Sauce, Beetrooth Puree, Glaze Vegs and Pommes Dauphine on the plate. The open kitchen at Urchin allows guests to witness the preparation of this food before their eyes. The spacious interior, comfortable seating and fully textured surroundings have been designed to encourage guest a long, lingering dine.

Urchin Grill & Raw Bar
Address : Jalan Kayu Aya #22, Seminyak
Telephone : +62 361 732413
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