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DS - Seminyak Kitchen fires up the barbie

Seminyak Kitchen Fires Up The Barbie

Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak’ s all day casual dining restaurant, Semin...


NS - Tapas & Cocktails at 18th Rooftop Bar

Tapas & Cocktails at The 18th

The 18th Rooftop Bar at The Trans Resort Bali, has quickly become a favourite he...
  • paulroppfeatureds

    Paul Ropp Forget The Fads

    Are you a fashion follower, or do you like to dress individual? It’s easy to see and follow, to be told what’s hot and what’s not and be guided by the fads of fashion. What’s difficult is to be out there and actually embrace our individualities to their very core. Paul Ropp, man on the […]
  • featured heel to high

    Defining Style

    Bold,” “elegant” and “eccentric” are the three words which most accurately describe the very character of ROXALNE [rock’salnay]. This unique, multi-label online fashion retailer provides fashionistas with an array of stylish and edgy brands to choose from. Each brand shown has its own tale and story, and customers ca...
  • heel is too high

    No Heel is too High

    Are you a shoe addict? If so, then we’ve got news for you: Bali has the one and only Niluh Djelantik store where all beautiful shoes – sandals, heels, wedges, flats, and boots – are tastefully arranged in a gorgeous display closet. Cameron Diaz and supermodel Giselle Bündschen have been known to purchase Niluh’s beautiful […...
  • POD (85)

    Hug a Honey

    A beautiful and scenic place like Bali offers all kinds of spontaneous and adventurous things to do. So being open minded, flexible and deliberately seeking out new experiences here is a must, even if it means you have to go out of your comfort zone. After the roster of adrenalin-fuelled activities I’ve done recently, I […]
  • Cycling4

    Cycling Kintamani

    This cycling tour in Kintamani will do more than just take you on a ‘pass-by trip’ through Balinese nature. You will learn and discover, and you will delve deep into the very lives of the Balinese people and their culture. Although it’s officially called a ‘cycling tour’, it would be best described as a journey […]
  • Dream Beach

    Beaches Off The Beaten Track

    It’s easy to get disheartened when you are constantly disturbed by the din and activity of one of Bali’s overcrowded beaches. Sometimes, all you want is to escape the crowds and get away to a truly secluded beach. On hearing of a few such beaches from a local friend, I jumped at the opportunity to […]
  • wtg1

    The Road Less Travelled

    We travel to experience something different, to go places our friends haven’t been and regale them with our tales when we get back. In Bali, while well-known spots like Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud bring in millions of visitors each year, some of the lesser-known ones have minimal visitors, plenty to do, and much-needed peace and […]
  • Personal Perspective

    The Important Things In Life

    What are the most important things in life? Money? Fame? Power? A beautiful house? A fast car? Well to some those are important, but to others the more philosophical aspects of life are much more important: belief in God, following one’s principals, looking after your family, doing good for the community. It may not look […]
  • paulropp

    Dressing To Dine A La Paul Ropp

    Restaurants that have labeled their dress code as casual may lead diners to believe that the door is left wide open. Yet, as a diner out on the town, keep in mind that when a fine dining restaurant mentions casual, their “casual” expectations are much higher than those of your typical Saturday afternoon on the […]
  • Unticfrahmsd

    Bold Statement Bags

    Purses and handbags have become a common fixture for the modern woman. And for today’s femme fatales who believe that there is no better spot than being at the top by looking good, the statement bags by Sabbatha will surely tickle their fancy. Made from genuine leather, the bags made by this Indonesian fashion brand […]
  • cfrmantship

    Exceptional Balinese Craftmanship

    From necklaces to earrings, rings to bracelets, the artist-made jewellery of UC Silver & Gold is bold and daring with show-stopping, intricate details. They are enchanting to behold with gentle curves, natural forms, silver, gold, sparkling gems, and anywhere in between. The pieces show exceptional craftsmanship that showcase the skills of the ...
  • Jenggala 4

    Indulge Your Imagination with Art

    One of the reasons I was inspired to come over to Bali was to soak in all of the knowledge I could regarding the fascinating Balinese culture. And as I went along visiting as many historical places as I could manage and talking to the indigenous people, it was brought to my attention to visit […]
  • The Clubhouse - Courtesy of Bali National

    A Hole in One: Golfing in Paradise

    Golf, around the world, is a sport of leisure and luxury – whether you’re playing in the biting winds of St. Andrews’ Old Course in Scotland or under the blistering sun of now Dubai’s many desert courses. Golfing in Bali however, brings a whole new meaning to the game and Bali National Golf Club is […]
  • Tegal Wangi 2

    Live Life to the Fullest

    Every once in a while you need a vacation to relax and see what else the world has to offer apart from your usual daily routine. The trick to finding the perfect vacation is the choice of destination, whether it be the Caribbean, a city break or island hopping among the remote beaches of South […]
  • Pura Narmada Tanah Kilap 1

    Pura Luhur Candi Narmada

    Bali is known as the island of a thousand temples. I couldn’t agree more as temples might be the easiest thing to find on the island. For a start, every Hindu family on the island has a sacred compound with shrines inside; shrines where the spirits of their ancestors reside, shrines for the spirit of […]
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